"I just want to let you know what a difference it has made to me and my family having pkfamily as our internet provider. As a parent of children

who often need to access the internet for school projects, it's taken a burden off of me knowing that I can allow my children to go onto the internet without me having to look over their shoulders to make sure that no inappropriate content comes up on the screen."

Aurora, CO

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If you share in the growing concern about what you or your family sees on the Internet, then you need pkFamily.com - a Nationwide Internet Service Provider specifically designed to offer its subscribers fast, reliable access to everything on the Internet, except the inappropriate R and X-rated material.


pkFamily provides what you have in other areas of media - A CHOICE - by offering state-of-the-art server based solutions which restrict, block, and "filter" pornography and other content deemed inappropriate.

- 80% of Internet traffic is pornography related
- 50% of teens say they have seen pornography
   on the Internet
- 79% of these teens did so from their school or
- 67% of these same teens did so from home
- 12 is the average age of a child's first
   experience with pornography

For additional information about the benefits of filtering, visit About Filtering
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